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A Usability Guy’s Journey to Creating his First KDE Tool – Part 2: A Vision

As already suggested in the first article of this series, fixing a bug was just the start of my journey. What I now want to do is help KDE improve our AppStream metadata. Why is this so important to me?

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Plasma Mobile’s Vision

We’re currently in the process of designing the first phone user interfaces for KDE applications, applying the KDE Mobile Human Interface Guidelines (a set of soft rules and recommendations for designing user interfaces for mobile applications by KDE). Therefore, the

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Notes From the PIM Sprint: A Vision for the KDE PIM Framework

I know I know, the PIM sprint has already been last November, but in my defence (@David: !!!), the VDG and KDE as a whole has been so buzzing with activity in the meantime that I didn’t find the time

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“You can use it that way, but don’t expect it to work well!”

One of the basic freedoms defined by the GNU project is the user’s freedom to use the software in any way they want. I am a big proponent of that freedom and I prefer it over the very comfortable golden

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