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Results of the Requirements Survey for a KDE-wide Chat Solution

A week ago, I wrote my previous blog post about a survey I had set up, to figure out how important each of the requirements we had collected for a common IM / chat solution for KDE is for us.

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The Quest for a Common Chat/IM Solution

Konqi between dchat solutions

A Free/ Open Source Software community usually uses several means of communication: Among them are email, forums, code review and bug tracking systems, nowadays also video chat systems, but one of the central communication channels is usually real-time text communication,

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Unified Communication – What KPeople and Nepomuk can do for you (in the future)

Most of the time within KDE I discuss things which are either already out there or in a design/ mockup stage, because those are the points where either I notice problems or developers have questions for me. From time to

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“You can use it that way, but don’t expect it to work well!”

One of the basic freedoms defined by the GNU project is the user’s freedom to use the software in any way they want. I am a big proponent of that freedom and I prefer it over the very comfortable golden

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