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I’m at a crossroads. My scholarship runs out by the end of September (and my PhD thesis will be at least almost finished by that time), so now I’m at the point where I’ll have to decide what to do

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Only an extroverted paparazzi would apply this methodology here!

I love languages. All of them. I have my favorites (English, in particular), but I love languages as such. And for that reason, I think they deserve more respect than they currently get. I am not a proponent of keeping

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Today was the first time I deleted a comment

Moderating blog comments is a very sensitive task. It is not easy to strike a balance between chaos and censorship. I am generally a strong opponent of censorship, anywhere. I don’t like if people delete comments just because they don’t

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Hello world!

I have long stopped counting the times that I was thinking about or discussing something and thinking “Hey, if I had a blog, I’d write a post about it!”. Yet I was always too lazy to finally get myself to

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