Joining the press – Which topic would you like to read about?

WritingWhen I saw an ad on Linux Veda that they are looking for new contributors to their site, I thought “Hey, why shouldn’t I write for them?”. Linux Veda (formerly muktware) is a site that offers Free Software news, how-tos, opinions, reviews and interviews. Since its founder Swapnil Bhartiya is personally a big KDE fan, the site has a track record of covering our software extensively in its news and reviews, and has already worked with us in the past to make sure their articles about our software or community were factually correct (and yes, it was only fact-checking, we never redacted their articles or anything).

Therefore, I thought that a closer collaboration with Linux Veda could be mutually beneficial: Getting exclusive insights directly from a core KDE contributor could give their popularity an additional boost, while my articles could get an extended audience including people who are currently interested in Linux and FOSS, but not necessarily too much interested in KDE yet.

I asked Swapnil if I could write for him. He said it would be an honor to work with me, which I must admit made me feel a little flattered. So I joined Linux Veda as a freelance contributor-

My first article actually isn’t about anything KDE-related, but a how-to for getting 1080p videos to work in Youtube’s HTML5 player in Firefox on Linux, mainly because I had just explained it to someone and felt it might benefit others as well if I wrote it up.

In the future you will mainly read articles about KDE-related topics from me there. Since I’m not sure which topics people would be most interested in, I thought I’d ask you, my dear readers. You can choose between three topics that came to my mind which one I should write about, or add your own ideas. I’m excited which topic will win!

Of course this doesn’t mean I won’t write anything in my blog here anymore. I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis if an article would make more sense here or over at Linux Veda. I hope you’ll find my articles there interesting and also read some of the other things they have on offer, you’ll find many well-written and interesting articles there!


Researcher on usability / usable security / user experience Volunteer KDE usability consultant Open Access / Open Science supporter

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