Would you want to see posts about NoSQL databases on PlanetKDE?

My dear readers, I have agreed with ArangoDB to help them spread the word about their – of course open source – multi-model NoSQL database, and I will be using this blog to do that. It’s not going to be boring marketing bla bla, but I’m planning to write about things like tutorials, interviews with ArangoDB users and contributors, as well as the adventures of a “kind-of-geeky psychologist” (i.e. me) taking a stab at developing a data-intensive web application using ArangoDB.

PlanetKDE is not subscribed to this whole blog, however, but only to a specific category. Therefore, I can control whether these posts show up on the Planet or not. Since many of my readers here are rather on the tech-savvy side of the spectrum, I suppose that these posts might be of interest to at least some, if not many, of you, but I don’t want to “spam” the Planet with these posts if the majority would not be interested in them.

Therefore, I want to give you, my readers, a choice. Please vote using the poll below on whether you’d like to see NoSQL database-related posts show up on the Planet or not. Of course I can revise the decision later if I get a lot of feedback to the contrary on my individual posts, but I’d like to get a quantitative picture of the general preference beforehand.

EDIT: The results are in. 49% of respondents would not like to see any NoSQL posts pop up on PlanetKDE at all, but 51% are either generally fine with them or would accept them if they are related to KDE/Qt. I will of course happily oblige and only assign posts to the KDE category if they are in some way related to KDE, for example if I talk about developing Qt-based mobile apps using ArangoDB as a backend. Thank you for participating in the poll!

For those who are interested in all posts about ArangoDB, you can subscribe either to the main RSS feed for my blog to see all posts, or the ArangoDB category feed specifically to keep updated on all those posts in the future.


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11 comments on “Would you want to see posts about NoSQL databases on PlanetKDE?
  1. bartotten says:

    If not-related blogs appear at Planet KDE the purpose of the Planet declines. So I voted ‘No’.

    I got this post in my mailbox as appearently your blog is one of a few I track. So people who want tot read about noSQL van always subscribe to your blog 🙂

  2. CTown says:

    I voted for occasionally.

    The link you gave, lists that that ArangoDB can be used with JavaScript Extensions. This means you probably can give some QML/noSQL tutorials. Perhaps, you could even show case your own custom QML element that makes it easy for QML apps to use this database. Developers need to learn how to store their data somewhere, right?

    Plus, people write SO MUCH non-KDE news on Planet KDE anyways…

    • That does indeed sound like a very interesting idea, thank you!
      I hadn’t thought of it yet, but exploring how to write QML applications talking to web services backed by ArangoDB indeed sounds like a very interesting topic for both the Qt/KDE and the ArangoDB community, since supporting multi-platform services is one of ArangoDB’s explicit goals.

  3. uniq says:

    No, I only want to read about KDE-related stuff. So no food, no politics, no noSQL. The only exception would be, if you would improve a backend that it becomes able to support noSQL and it runs 200% faster. That would be indeed interesting.
    I stopped reading openSuse’s planet, as it contained too many non-technical articles and I got annoyed by marketing.

  4. Darclide says:

    Given that PlanetKDE is already full of non-KDE stuff, political stuff and other things I’d rather not see on it, I voted “no”. As interesting these topics can be, if I want to read about them, I go to places that talk about them. Please keep PlanetKDE as KDE only. The main argument is: if everybody who is aggregated there would behave in a way that currently a minority does, the whole planet would be flooded with unrelated content. And then I don’t have to go to PlanetKDE anymore, then I can go to the front page of any sort of news portal or reddit.

  5. Congratulations on your new job, despite your ass-backwards way of subtly announcing it.

  6. Laszlo Papp says:

    “No” from me, too, I am afraid. If it is about integration into KDE, that would be fine, but honestly: how will you make a difference between NoSql and MyLittleTechnology? This would be cutting the way of focusing on KDE. On the other hand, I appreciate that you are asking it because some people on Planet KDE just do not care to ask. For instance, I do not know why we have so many Spanish posts on planet kde lately, but that is another issue to be discussed.

  7. Fri13 says:

    As long it is about KDE too. Like how to integrate it to digiKam, Amarok etc if possible. How to make a own WWW page and get SQL like features etc. People are tires to “cloud” services (just normal Apache+SQL+Network drive etc) from different companies as they don’t have the control over their files/data. So now many is searching a own Web Host services or use NAS at home to do the same.

    Even if testing own web sites etc at own computer is benefit.

    Of course this can be totally different what that software does but I think you get the point. Already too many posts not KDE related stuff, like example Kubuntu updates, while using a KDE, it is a distribution and should then focus just the improvements in KDE part. So write own entry instead copy same to everywhere.

  8. sessellift says:

    […] announced in my previous blog post, I’d like to tell the world a bit about the multi-model NoSQL database ArangoDB, and since my […]

  9. […] announced in my previous blog post, I’d like to tell the world a bit about the multi-model NoSQL database ArangoDB, and since my […]

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