PIM Sprint, here I come!

I just booked my train tickets to Brno for the KDE PIM Sprint 2013 this November!

There I plan to discuss the future of KMail Active with Michael Bohlender, my ideas for task-centric communication using KPeople with the KPeople people (muahahaha!), as well as general KDE PIM usability stuff with everybody who does UIs in KDE PIM. And, given that people like Àlex Fiestas, David Edmundson, Jan Grulich, Vishesh Handa or Martin Klapetek are there as well, there will probably also be quite some non-PIM-related stuff to talk about.

Since sprints are mostly “hacking time” for the devs, I will have to find some non-discussion stuff to do during the times when all you can hear in the room is the clacking of keyboards, so maybe I’ll use the time to improve my QML skills (a KDE sprint is surely a good occasion for that because there are always people around who know QML quite well already).

I’m looking forward to seeing so many nice people and discussing so much exciting stuff again! See you guys at Brno!


Researcher on usability / usable security / user experience Volunteer KDE usability consultant Open Access / Open Science supporter

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