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Different Shades of Freedom in Digital (Game) Sales

Why I buy proprietary video games (If you don’t care why I buy proprietary video games, you may skip this paragraph) Even though more and more – and more and more great! – Free games become available every month, the

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Only an extroverted paparazzi would apply this methodology here!

I love languages. All of them. I have my favorites (English, in particular), but I love languages as such. And for that reason, I think they deserve more respect than they currently get. I am not a proponent of keeping

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PIM Sprint, here I come!

I just booked my train tickets to Brno for the KDE PIM Sprint 2013 this November! There I plan to discuss the future of KMail Active with Michael Bohlender, my ideas for task-centric communication using KPeople with the KPeople people

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