Hello world!

I have long stopped counting the times that I was thinking about or discussing something and thinking “Hey, if I had a blog, I’d write a post about it!”.

Yet I was always too lazy to finally get myself to actually do it. Now finally, I beat my inner temptation and dragged my weaker self to finally start my blog. So here it is, Thomas Pfeiffer’s official blog. Among the topics you’ll find

  • Open Source usability/user experience, especially Plasma Active and other KDE software
  • My research topic “usable security” and especially my PhD topic “user’s reactions to potentially dangerous online messages”
  • The occasional slightly political and/or philosophical opinion piece

I will have all relevant posts syndicated on Planet KDE.

I hope you will find the things I’m posting here interesting. Comments are always welcome. If I find too much spam/flame, I will switch to moderate before publication.




Researcher on usability / usable security / user experience Volunteer KDE usability consultant Open Access / Open Science supporter

Posted in General, KDE
One comment on “Hello world!
  1. Blackpaw says:

    I look fwd to it, particularly your usability experiences with KDE.

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